Sun May 10 at 10:44am - Mother's Day

Has it really been a year since my last post? I have the best excuses: we moved, had a baby, and survived the snowiest winter in Boston history. The credit of course goes entirely to my wife Ruth who has blessed and inspired me every day, and none more than that November morning when she handed me a little boy. When he looked up at me I saw something in his eyes that changed me forever...Then this morning he ate his first solid food (avocado), and I was reminded that eating a new food is an awful lot like parenthood. It's strange and messy and wonderful.

Coastal Wedding August 2013

I was honored to help Nicole Baas Photography with an August wedding in coastal Massachusetts. Lovely weather and a reception on the Salisbury Beach pavilion made for some great beach photos. I liked the ice cream stand and the ocean breeze catching the bride's veil. But I still can't get over those angelic flower girls.

Wedding: Imran and Maia

We were invited by one of Ruth's former students to attend a traditional Pakistani wedding. The ceremony was full of color and custom. Everywhere we turned, we were surrounded by beaded saris and elegant, traditional outfits. A photographer's dream!

Wedding: Nat & Leslie

Ruth's brother was married on the hottest day of the year. Last-minute runs to the store for icepacks and bottled water made the heat more bearable, especially for the groomsmen, who stuffed the icepacks into their tuxes to survive the ceremony. Try as it might, the summer heat could not melt the smiles of the bride and groom.

Mon July 15 at 5:11pm - Rock climbing

This weekend I took the Canon 40mm f/2.8 pancake to my brother-in-law's bachelor party. I loved its size, flexible focal length, and image qualityTurns out it's true what they say - this lens is the perfect travel companion. No one seemed to notice my DSLR. All the same, my thanks to the friendly staff at Central Rock Gym.