Mon Apr 24 at 6:20am - She said 'Yes!'

Early Saturday morning, May found herself standing at the top of Peters Hill, with Mark kneeling in front of her.


Mark had known it was time to take the next step, and he'd wanted everything to be right. He'd begun by purchasing a round-cut diamond engagement ring, the largest he could afford. Next, he'd scheduled a surprise dinner on Saturday evening with his parents and May's parents. Then, that morning, he'd walked with her to the top of Peters Hill.

It was wet and blustery, and I was out of breath because I'd run to beat them there. I was sitting on a stone bench when Mark and May strolled up, hand in hand. I kept my back to them so that May wouldn't notice me or the camera that I kept hidden from view. Only one problem: Mark and I had agreed on a signal--he would whistle--but because of the wind I couldn't hear a thing. So I decided to risk an occasional turn of the head, watching from the corner of my eye. And I waited.

Five long minutes later, when they set down their drinks and Mark got down on one knee, I turned and pressed the shutter button.

Here are a few images after the proposal. I never once instructed them to smile.

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